Friends of Dean Wood.... Dean wood is situated between Netherton and South Crosland in Huddersfield
Friends of Dean Wood....    Dean wood is situated between Netherton and South Crosland in Huddersfield

The Wood....

Dean Wood is situated between Netherton and South Crosland, approximately three miles south of Huddersfield town centre. Access can be gained by public footpaths in five main locations but most significantly from Deyne Road, Netherton at the eastern end from Sandy Lane, South Crossland at the Western end.


The wood is one of the best examples of semi-natural ancient woodland in the Huddersfield area. It runs mainly east west and is bisected by Dean Brook - a tributary of the River Holme which in turn flows into the River Colne near Huddersfield town centre.


The landscape south of Huddersfield Town centre is marked by deep steep sided tree lined valleys dividing up a generally flat plateau area - below the dominating feature of Castle Hill. Dean Brook joins the River Holme at Armitage Bridge and for much of its course it passes through Dean Wood. At its Western end the Wood has a gorge like appearance where Dean Brook cuts through steeply sloping hillsides and the main public footpath between Deyne Road and Sandy Lane runs along at a much higher level. Continuing to be steep but more open to the East the Wood can be overseen from a viewpoint.


Other public footpaths cross the wood towards Thewlis Lane to the north - one by the bridge built by The Friends, another runs steeply down to a step over point and then steeply upwards.


At the eastern end the valley is cut off by the embankment of the former Meltham branch railway line.


The wood has a rich diversity of habitats and wildlife - and some of The Friends have sought to raise awareness of these whilst also protecting them.


Evidence of former quarrying can also be seen as rock outcrops and platforms adjacent to the main path. Since quarrying ceased in the wood natural regeneration of the woodland has taken place. A little distance away quarrying still takes place. These workings are being gradually recalimed by Johnson Welfield Quarries.


Beaumont Park - a fine park created in the Victorian Times - is also nearby and has been brought back to life by an enthusiastic Friends group.


The wood is mainly owned by Kirklees Council and it is in this area that The Friends have permission to work. Other parts are in Private Ownership.




Dean Wood
is situated between Netherton and South Crosland, Huddersfield

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