Friends of Dean Wood
Friends of Dean Wood


We will be adding more photos throughout the year to our gallery if you have any favorite ones of your own please feel free to get in touch and if suitable we can use them below.

Footpath crossing Dean Brook

Deep in the wood

Dean Brook


Friends Notice Board

Steps leading to the bridge built by The Friends
A friends workparty

An old trackway
One of the entrances into the wood

The Clearing

Dean Wood

Dean Brook

Dean Wood

Footpath improvements by the Friends underway

The Main Pathway

Near Deyne Road

Heather Moorland

Seat installed by The Friends

A Hidden Footpath

Dean Wood

Entrance from Deyne Road

A Sunken Footpath Route

Dean Wood

Footpath through Bluebells


Dean Wood
is situated between Netherton and South Crosland, Huddersfield

A programme of events for 2014 is now available, please check back regularly for updates and further events.


2014 Programme of Events 

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